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Bure Bure felted slippers courses in Croatia, Trogir 2011-05-27 / 28/ 29

It does not matter whether you know how to felt very well or you are a complete beginner or you just dream to learn felt ..
Felting is quite simple - if you use a precise technique, a well-chosen materials and accessories.
Within one day you will make a wonderfull pair of slippers and learn a lot amazing things about felting.
  • Brief theoretical part about the felting, wool use, the decorating materials. 
  • Sketching the slippers, selection of materials. 
  • Laying the wool for slippers 
  • Felting the slippers 
  • Finishing the pair of slippers. 
  • The theoretical part about finishing the slippers, drying, soles coating. 

I'm very pleased that my courses are organized in such a beautiful location - in Croatia, near Trogir.
Registration for the courses and the information about accommodation:
phone : 00385 21 886 416; mobile phone: 00385 95 905 47 69
email: danigroh@gmail.com

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