2010 m. liepos 31 d., šeštadienis

Wet felting classes in Italy led by feltmaker Inga Samušienė from Lithuania.

Dear feltmakers from Italy,
I have the great pleasure to announce that there will be a wet felting
classes September 17th - 18th at Ruth Baumer studio in ITALY.
Additional information and registration RUTH BAUMER
If you live outside of Lithuania, but dreaming about wet felting
classes, you can gather a group and write me a letter. We will find
the way how to organize classes in your country.
Respectfully, feltmaker Inga Samušienė.

2 komentarai:

  1. na va, kokios naujienos. o kodėl tik "outside of Lithuania"?

  2. hmm... nes "inside" aš visada visus norinčius mokinu, tik reikia iki manęs atvažiuoti :)))))