2010 m. birželio 7 d., pirmadienis

Dad and Me - Family slippers set special for Fisher family from Vancouver Canada. Šeimos šlepečių rinkinys.

Dear Fisher family,  thank You for You great color combination , amazing first photo and  You nice words!

Environmentally friendly fully handmade felted family slippers set made from softest merino wool. 
▫ These slippers feel like a second skin on your feet.

▫ Lightweight - pair of slippers weighs approximately 200 g (0,44 pounds).

▫ Not slippery! Soles are covered with natural latex(caoutchouc)  or with cork soles what makes wool slippers safe to walk around the house.

▫ Made from softest merino (australia) wool, they gently massage feet. Your feet will be warm on a cold day and cool on a hot day due to insulation properties of the wool fibers.

▫ 100% handmade. Felt is a natural and renewable material, made of 100% wool, using just hot water and soap - one of the most sustainable processes in textile.

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  1. Nereali idėja :O :O :O O jau pirmoji nuotrauka kokio grožio, t.y. mažosios didžiosiose šlepetėse :) pasaka!!!
    Ir spalvos... Vž, vėl įsimylėjau :) :D
    Super dirbi, daug naujovių ir visos niekada nematytos - SUPER!!!
    Sėkmės ;)